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Season 2, Episode 1 – Peter Paulin

Season 2, Episode 1 – Peter Paulin

“The 20-Something Life” is the radio show that gives stories and advice for twenty-first century twenty-somethings. In this first episode of Season 2, host Colenn Berracasa talks with Peter Paulin, a 20-something Danish-American who currently lives in San Francisco, CA. They chat about growing up with many different cultures in many different cities, 3rd culture kids, being 16 and gay in Bush-era 2004, Danish culture, international school, remembering the importance of family, seeing the U.S. with new eyes after living in Denmark for 7 years, transferring to an American university as an international student, an amazing story about the power of persistence & those who facilitate it, being in a long-distance monogamish relationship, waiting to move in with a boyfriend, being judged for how you live your relationship life by peers, maintaining a 5+ year romantic relationship, issues of beauty and image within the gay community, finding a complete sense of self, and appreciating the small things in life.

This episode’s songs (omitted in the recording to respect copyright laws):
Middle Song: “From Home (Mux Mool Remix)” by Tycho, off the album Past Is Prologue (correction from info in interview)
End Song: “Cherry Blossom Girl (Hope Sandoval Version)” by Air.

The 20-Something Life airs on Tuesdays from noon-1pm in Winter 2014 on 91.9 FM KCSB in Santa Barbara and kcsb.org. Listen to past episodes on 20somethingliferadio.com.