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Season 2, Episode 4

Season 2, Episode 4

“The 20-Something Life” is the radio show that gives stories and advice for twenty-first century twenty-somethings. In this second interview of Season 2, host Colenn Berracasa talks with Cole Harry, UCSB alumnus who just returned from Europe. We talk about his master’s program in global studies in Germany and Austria, the cost of graduate school in Europe versus the U.S., working in a diplomatic role in Austria, how we should be thinking about the world as compared with other generations in history, a pessimistic yet oddly positive outlook on life, the usefulness of English and French in Europe, maintaining multilingualism, immigration issues in the European Union, deciding to come home after living abroad for several years, the vibe and housing situation in San Francisco and Oakland these days, the job hunt and all struggles that accompany it, the process and pressure of choosing one’s lifelong career, deciding when and where to put down roots, and the competitiveness of getting a job anywhere in the world right now.

The 20-Something Life airs on Tuesdays from noon-1pm in Winter 2014 on 91.9 FM KCSB in Santa Barbara and kcsb.org. Listen to past episodes on 20somethingliferadio.com.

Song from this episode (omitted in the recording to respect copyright laws):
“Berlin” by Ruede Hagelstein and the Noblettes  – Listen on Soundcloud

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