About the show:

“The 20-Something Life” was a radio show on KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara that aired in 2013 and 2014 and is still relevant today. It’s stories and advice for twenty-first century twenty-somethings. Each week, host Colenn Berracasa interviewed a guest about his/her experiences. Guests were people in their twenties as well as people in their thirties and people who interacted with people in their twenties.

About the host:

At the time the show aired, Colenn Berracasa was a 20-something who lived in Santa Barbara. Her inspiration to do this radio show came from her friends’ and her own post-college experiences and struggles. She found that having her own radio show was a great excuse to ask questions and learn about other people’s lives, and then share that information with the world. When she was doing the show, Colenn worked full-time at UCSB CLAS Academic Skills where she taught people how to become better students.

Contact Info:

Colenn can no longer be reached online.

Photo of Colenn in Yosemite during a reunion weekend with her college friends!


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  1. Marilyn O’Malley on July 16, 2013 at 8:50 pm said:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Who do I talk to you about being a guest on your show.
    I have a few topics I believe would greatly benefit your audience even though I am an adult.
    I have helped a lot of 20 somethings and raised two, who I know without a doubt would refer me to you.

    1. Discuss being energetic beings who are highly sensitives to the world around them, (empathic human beings-most of you are) in an insensitive world~feeling each others/worlds pain, self medicating. It is not a curse it is a blessing….

    2. Whats next…giving permission to explore and follow your passions… your 20s are for figuring out who you are without the constraints of parents and schools defining you. Finding your heart and essence and expressing that in the world. Learn about Intuition, Intention, training, commitment and action for manifestation

    I’m a mom of 20 somethings (helped my daughter follow her passion and at 26 she’s living in Australia working her dream job after previous adventures teaching abroad and then in Manhattan), intuitive, energy worker and personal power expert, highly sensitive, worked with 20 somethings with their addictions, ADD, overwhelm/stress, etc…
    Marilyn O’Malley
    805 883-8598

    Sorry for commenting here, I couldn’t find contact information.

  2. Hi Colenn,

    My name is Stephanie Espinetti and I am thie promotional manager of a short film called The Idea of Growing Old. I wanted to share the link of the indiegogo campaign with you so you could check it out and hopefully promote us on air. We are sharing with you our campaign because our main character has many similarities to your listening audience. Our goal is to each that audience as well. So here’s the link and let me know if you have any questions.


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