Stats About Our Generation! (in the U.S.)


…well, about people who are about 27.

I find this study really interesting because I enjoy assessing situations by the numbers. Numbers are concrete, they’re scientific, and although statistics can be manipulated in all sorts of ways, you can make your own decisions about them too.

Also, I was thinking last night about the fact that people who took out loans for college or grad school are significantly behind, financially, in comparison to their peers who didn’t have to take out loans. The latter group could add any extra funds to their savings accounts, whereas the former would have to put most of that extra cash towards loan payments. Just a thought about the persistence of inequality in our society…

Enjoy this article, and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow on from about 12:30pm-1pm (California time) for another music-filled episode with special stories!

– Colenn

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