Season 2, Episode 2-ish

Season 2, Episode 2-ish

Hi you guys,

This week, I had a very unique show in that I didn’t do an interview, but rather played music chosen by guests of past episodes and talked a little bit about it. I’m working on whether I can post the show here (because of pesky copyright laws), but either way, here is the playlist!

1) Fruta y Te – Gepe

2) Honey I Been Thinking About You – Jackie Greene

3) Loca – Chico Trujillo

4) Young And Beautiful – Lana del Rey

5) Bright Stars Burning – Hey Marseilles

6) Don’t Work Yourself Up – Tristan Prettyman

7) Someone You’d Admire – Fleet Foxes

8) The World Is Yours – Nas

Why this format you ask? Well, KCSB, the radio station where I broadcast my show, decided to shorten my time slot by 20 and 30 minutes (they didn’t know) to read a book live on air for this UCSB program that’s actually really neat, but unfortunately includes this reading on air component that I find insane and silly. SO, I made the most of it and put on a show in a unique format that would be fun for me. I’m gonna stick with this format next week to play songs from episodes I didn’t get to, but I’m going to try to have some 20-30 min interviews during the three subsequent weeks. Stay tuned! As always, thank you for listening!

– Colenn

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