Episode 7 – Amy Boutell

Episode 7 – Amy Boutell

“The 20-Something Life” is the radio show that gives stories and advice for twenty-first century twenty-somethings. This week, host Colenn Berracasa talks with Amy Boutell, one of her very own colleagues who is also an author! Amy looks back at life in her twenties–graduating as an English major from Barnard College, working on both sides of the publishing world (publishing and getting published), the importance of writing all the time and never giving up, how to deal with rejection, participating in summer writing workshops, the world & culture of creative writing, going to grad school for creative writing for free (!), deciding to work in education, rubbing elbows with all sorts of celebrities, and partying with Tupac.

The 20-Something Life airs on Tuesdays from 9-10am during Summer 2013 on 91.9 FM KCSB in Santa Barbara and kcsb.org. Listen to past episodes on 20somethingliferadio.com.

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