Episode 2 – Arden Roseblatt

Episode 2 – Arden Roseblatt

“The 20-Something Life” is the radio show that gives stories and advice for twenty-first century twenty-somethings. This week, host Colenn Berracasa interviews Arden Rosenblatt, a UCSB mechanical engineering alumnus and current Carnegie Mellon graduate student who just started a 3D printing business called Piecemaker. We talk about moving back home to New York after graduating from UCSB, working in green building, WOOFing in Alaska, starting graduate school because of truly wanting to develop necessary skills and information to progress personally and professionally, seeing the mechanical engineering major as a philosophy, the thought process behind becoming an entrepreneur, why starting a business in the age of the internet is different than it was in the pre-internet era, taking risks, making friends after graduating from college, why 2013 is a prime time to be young and ambitious, and enjoying life.

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